Tubert is an App that helps you convert YouTube videos to MP3 (or just download them).
You can leave it open in the background and copy link after link in your favorite browser.
Tubert will collect all the links and let you download and convert all the videos in one go or individually.
Or you can just listen to them using Tubert as a player.
Of course you can manually paste or just type the addresses you want to get or play.

With this app you can:

  • Convert YouTube links to MP3 one by one or in batch mode
  • Select the quality of the MP3 compression algorithm
  • Select what stream will use for downloading and converting (audio or video), saving bandwidth and time.
  • Automatically get the links to the videos from the clipboard
  • Automatically extract only the YouTube links from any text that you copy to clipboard
  • Save any link to MP4 video file
  • Choosing between the existing video resolutions
  • Recognition of YouTube playlist links
  • Can play the loaded links as a Music Player

This application is considered deprecated!

You can use KataLib to do what Tubert did and much more...

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