VideoGen gives you the ability to create a video file
using a slide-show of images and (optionally) an audio file.

  • Add the images.
  • Set the durations and the crossfades.
  • Add an audio file (optional).
  • Press the Create Video button.

Download VideoGen (Mirror download)


ExSetter lets you add an "Action" entry to the menu that is created
when we right-click a file in Windows Explorer.

  • Type the name of the action.
  • Type the extensions that will be affected.
  • Select the program that will be launched when the action will be clicked.
  • Press the Add to Registry button.

Download ExSetter v1.2.2.0 (Mirror download)


BackAppData lets you backup/restore all your app's settings.

  • Select the settings of your apps and press "Backup".
  • Select what backup version you want and press "Restore".

Download BackAppData (Mirror download)


Clocker gives you the ability to count up/down in parallel, two different actions,
switching to one of them at a time (like a chess timer).

Download Clocker v0.7.0.0 (Mirror download)