KoHighlights is a utility for viewing and converting the Koreader's history files to simple text files.
Visit it's page at GitHub.

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  • Load items by:
    • Selecting the reader's drive or any folder that contains books that where opened with Koreader.
      This will automatically load all the history files from all subdirectories.
    • Drag and drop files or folders.
      This will load the files and/or all the files inside the folders.
  • View the highlights and various info for a book by selecting it in the list.
  • Double click or press the Open Book button to view the book in your system's reader.
  • Save all the selected books' highlights in:
    • A text file for every selected book or
    • A single text file with all highlights combined.
  • Clear the .sdr folders with the metadata or the books in the eReader.

The previous versions that were based on wxPython can still be found at GitHub, but are considered deprecated.


Version History:

    • New "Highlights View", where we can see all the highlights from the opened books and sort them by date, book etc.
    • Update book info when navigating using the arrows.
    • Support for comments (kind of), using the "Edit" highlight option of KoReader (click on a highlight).
    • Edit/Add/Delete a highlight's comment.
    • Deleting an "Edited" highlight could not delete the associated bookmark too.
    • New lines in the highlight are now properly displayed.
    • Delete some or all the highlights from a book.
    • Copy some or all the highlights from a book in the clipboard.
    • Highlights are now a list with items that can be selected individually for copy/deletion, not just a text.
    • Highlight's elements like page, date and even highlight text can be individually turned on/off.
    • If there was more than one highlight in a page, only the first was displayed.
    • Right click menu appeared even if the book list was empty.
    • ... and the various smaller bugs.
    • Page & Date reference for each highlight.
    • Option to show/hide page & date info that also affects if that info is going to be written in the saved text files.
    • Highlights are now sorted by page number.
    • Right clicking and selecting "View Book" did nothing.
    • If another file was in an '.sdr' folder (like an '.old' backup file) it could be selected instead of the normal metadata file.
    • Saved texts were displayed wrong in Windows Notepad due to unix line breaks.
    • Various small fixes.
    • New "Book Info" panel.
    • Option to delete the .sdr folders for specific books or even the books themselves.
    • Option to view a book with the system's viewer.
    • Added "Book Type" and "Read percent" columns.
    • Color-coded rows based on Finished/Completed state and the presence or not of the actual book.
    • Added a "Modified" date column.
    • Option to pass folders or files as arguments.
    • Totally re-written application with new GUI.
    • New GitHub repository.
    • Initial release.